February 22, 2017

Good life, xo

beginnings of chandelier making !! / wood for the stove / millie my birthday bunny / roasting eggplant and red peppers / shop stove / garden lights / bead work / bob is the quintessential old guy you end up in a half hour conversation with; he's graciously letting me use his shop :) / getting ready to grill pizzas / working the garden / millie - most of our winter herbs went to her! / she is the sweetest little mama 

 enjoying the warmer temps - getting the garden ready, buying flower seeds and anxiously waiting for the climbing rosebushes to bloom - roasting and grilling everything we can think of - mapping out espaliered fruit along the edge woods - creating an outdoor kitchen space {dreams} & Argentina inspired me to make the outdoors an even larger part of my living space ~

mostly, just living! 

"Sometimes in late summer I won't touch anything, not
the flowers, not the blackberries
brimming in the thickets; 
I won't drink
from the pond; I won't name the birds or the trees; 
I won't whisper my own name. 
One morning
the fox came down the hill, glittering and confident, 
and didn't see me -- and I thought: 
so this is the world. 
I'm not in it. 
It is beautiful." 
~ Mary Oliver 


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