July 28, 2016

Michigan Summer xo

Heading out to Michigan in the morning for some family time! Love packing, don't you? Always end up just throwing a bunch of stuff together at the last minute, anyway.
I'll be pulling up the drive to a hot dog roast first thing. How we do! 

Preparing for a COURT & CO. Pop-Up Event in my yard when I return.
Brunch (yay!) will be served so come hungry! Time for a Summer Sale! All Vintage Denim & Homewares currently in the shop are 40% off for the next three weeks. Just enter SUMMER at check out. If you're local, enter LOCAL so we can arrange to meet up so you don't have to pay for shipping. P.S. All orders will be shipped when I return! 

Adios Amigos! 

P.S. Thinking lately about creating, specifically, creating a life where I can give to others in a life changing way....creating art in all of its forms (yes, it's great to make a living doing what you love and putting yourself in a position to have options!) falls short compared to the tangible things we can give away like food and love, and a helping hand. My wants and needs and ideas (control!) are so trivial compared to the reality of so many. Just some thoughts. 

"too much: to see someone who's had everything/taken + is still//more alive in their body than you"
~ Sam Sax, Lost Things


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