January 16, 2016

Winter Farm Dinner

Farm dinner at my place last night ~ felt so good to have everyone around the table again and hear what everyone is up to this Spring. On the menu: homemade pasta with tomato sauce our bosses wife made this Summer, rosemary focaccia, tater tots (care of one of the guys! we ate them so fast! :), and cherry pie made by Sophie! She's our pie girl. Nothing makes me happier than cooking and enjoying these folks' company. It's such a small thing - when someone walks into your house and makes themselves at home - but it makes me so content. The guys grabbing coffee mugs out of the cupboard to pour their beer in, everyone using your kitchen like it's their own....it's friends and good food around a table....not sure there's more than that.

"Don't let anyone, even your parents, break you. Find good people who care about you and surround yourself with just them. If you can't find them at first, find good music and fall into it and let it hold you until they come." ~ Davey Havok


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