September 30, 2015

Endless Summer

The last day of September! This endless summer! Reflecting on how good it has been, and only in sharing it with others has made it this good. Making space for deeper connections with family and friends old and new has been the precursor in a definite shift. I've always valued this at my center but it's really easy to lose sight. This season has been a great reminder that friends and family love us through that, too! It is necessary to be compassionate with ourselves as well. Remember this....xo

Drinking up every last bit of Summer: A couple of hikes/picnics and day trips last weekend with a girlfriend ~ Rock of Gibralter & the Wisconsin River for Super Moon watching//Sunday breakfast//Making sage & cedar bundles for friends//Americauna eggs :)//Around the farm. 

Thankful! The beauty in the every day is my constant reminder that I have more than I could ever need. The words grateful and thankful are so overused that their meaning has been lost......however, life is truly found in giving and sharing......and recognizing that the beautiful and painful parts are essential for us to grow.  

I will post camping pictures soon from a couple weeks ago! We are heading back out to the River this week so maybe I'll combine them. One thing I learned from the last camping trip is how to make what I call "Fall Coffee" ~ French pressed Italian roast with heavy whipping cream and maple sugar! So so good!

Alright, hope all of you have a beautiful weekend!

"Surround yourself with people who truly support your lifestyle, dreams and visions. They don't have to verbally express it when their actions are aligned with what you're trying to achieve, because on a soul level it is a shared goal and a subconscious agreement."


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