February 23, 2015

Cold Valley Farm Tour

A couple Saturdays ago I took a beautiful sunny drive to visit a sheep farm in Mount Horeb. What a gorgeous place! So many sheep and I was lucky enough to meet two little lambs that were only a month old. It is clear Carl and Becky of Cold Valley Farm love their farm and the sheep they raise. Each one has a name and distinct personality. Cold Valley Farm has raised Jacob sheep in southern Wisconsin since 2001. Their flock has about 30 ewes and you can learn about them on their website www.coldvalleyfarm.com. They graze the sheep on productive weed-free pastures from April until the first heavy snow in November or December and feed hay carefully in the barn during winter which minimizes debris in the fleeces. Shearing is in late April or early May after the flock has been grazing a few weeks and been exposed to spring rains. About half the flock is lilac-colored with beautiful shades of gray that complement the more common brown and white Jacob wool. There are so many uses for them. Here are a few more pictures of their idyllic little farm, so enjoy.  Feel free to get in touch with the farm, they would be happy to hear from you. They are very lovely people passionate about their farm. 

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