September 20, 2013


Wild flowers picked on a run, turned into floral wreaths. It's always the little things.
Blessed and lucky!

Be silent in a group of people. See what they reveal to you. ~ Yoko Ono

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September 18, 2013


The farm I work on. All the balance you need. Takes so much out of me, but I can feel its impact in ways that I will only be able to articulate down the road. Thus far, best decision I've ever made. So good. 

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.
~ John Burroughs

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September 16, 2013

Last Summer Finds

A few last Summer finds. Thoroughly enjoyed  yard sale season & finding things for the shop this Summer. Now, curating and putting the details together. Hopefully, you found a few things to add to your collections. 

If nothing else, one day you can look someone straight in the eyes and say, "But I lived through it and it made me who I am today" ~ Iain S. Thomas

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September 05, 2013

Up to

Sorry for being absent lately. Spending the last days of summer working, watching sunsets with friends, getting icecream for the first time this summer(?!), taking my favorite kids to the pool, taking daytrips to small towns, drying herbs, and trying to get organized for a simple Fall. Pictures to come.

I adore the struggle you carry in yourself. I adore your terrifying sincerity. ~ Anais Nin in a letter to Henry Miller

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