March 19, 2013


My sister Faith is getting married to Kevin this summer! August 10th to be exact! And Faith asked me to style her wedding. Of course!!! I was so excited and humbled because, if you know her, she wouldn't just ask me because I'm her sister and that's what she should do:) That's the red head in her :) And that's also why I love her. Faith and Kevin are an amazing couple and I can't wait to see their life unfold. We are planning an outdoor mountain wedding at the bottom of the Snowy Mountain Range in Wyoming. A little vintage, rustic, modern and romantic combination in mint green, gold, and peachy-rose. I think I'm going to sneak some navy blue in there, too. The details are coming together as we talk on the phone and brainstorm ideas. Check out their engagement photos here with the Ely Brothers

Come dance on the rivers edge. Carry me over mountains to the end of love.
Close the gates to the city, hear the drums on the hillside.
~ Sing Aloud, Alpha Rev

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