March 29, 2013

Happy Friday + Interiors

I met Terry when we both worked at a local flower & boutique shop. She - the amazing, talented, hilarious floral designer. Me - I sold over-priced candles and boxed her creations. We re-connected after going our separate ways, and realized we love many of the same things. The first time I stepped into Terry's house and saw her quaint backyard pool surrounded by wild roses, raspberry bushes, and hop vines and the swing underneath a pergola with a rusty chandelier, I thought of the book Virgin Suicides. Her house is the house I imagined to be in that book. Love at first site and I had to document it, so full of life and so Terry. By trade Terry is an artist, greeting card designer, photographer, floral designer (she created the beauties here), and gardener. I look forward to summer drives that lead to nowhere in particular with this special lady. Enjoy getting to know Terry. {Can you tell I love the jeweled mirror she made! The picture of the scarecrow and man is haunting, but it's one of my favorites things in her house. Underneath the picture it says Comrade.}

What's for breakfast? Either plain yogurt with nuts or Oatmeal with nuts. COFFEE

What do you collect? Books, pictures, art supplies, garden pots.

What are you listening to? I love to listen to Patty Griffin, Jackson Browne, Doc Watson, Tom T Hall

What did you always dream of becoming?  A woman with an apple orchard and a little pie shop.

What are a few of your favorite things?  Sitting on the front porch at our farm in Iowa with my mom and dad, road tripping with my sisters,  WORT radio in Madison: The Tuesday morning (For the sake of the Song with Jim Schwall) and Wednesday morning (Back to the Country with Bill Malone) shows. Listening to books on C.D. while in the car.

Describe yourself: Curious, creative, fun, grateful, kinda shy

What's the best advice you've ever heard?  In my dream my dad said ”Never make fun of someone or treat them unkindly or hate them because someday the two who you mistreated may save your life, it happened to me”

What is your favorite quote?  Come let us stray our gladsome way and view the charms of nature; The rustling corn, the fruited thorn and every happy creature.

What words of wisdom do you live your life by? My mom always told us “it’s what’s in your heart that counts”

What are you most thankful for in your life? Family

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