March 13, 2013

Found Things

It's no surprise to friends and family that I love finding things. Especially old things. Things that have history and wear and tear. Things that someone actually made and put their time into. While I was out and about the other day I was on a mission to find a certain thing. As is always the case, I didn't find it, but I found something else that was on my radar.....a brass tray for my kitchen table. Now it holds mail, notes, keys and inspiration I tear out. Boden catalogs have the best props, by the way. I also came across two very old books about building railroads, circa 1906. The camel colored book is actually about the railroads in Mexico and is written in Spanish and English. I swooped it up right away. Right next to it was another book about railroads in the color I've been searching for....a dark moody teal. I'll be adding it into the mix of bright colors throughout my place. I love finding unexpected things! 

Gracious, soft-voiced girls, who were brought up on memories instead of money ~
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Images: Mine


  1. Lovely finds. Those books look fabulous.

  2. Thank you so much! Have you found anything lately?