February 11, 2013


Hope you had a nice weekend! It was rainy here. Perfect for staying inside
and making jam.
I made raspberry, so I'll make marmalade this week.
Also, had 
a wonderful conversation with a good friend and slept in
every morning. 
I used Amy and David Butler's recipe for my jam,
although it didn't call for pectin, I added a box because I was afraid it
wasn't thickening enough.

8 cups raspberries, washed

8 cups sugar
2 TBS fresh lemon juice
2 TBS fresh orange juice

Crush berries and cook in their own juice on low heat for 30 minutes. 

Add 2 cups of sugar and bring to a boil. Gradually add the lemon and orange
juice alternating with the remaining sugar. Bring the syrup back up
to a boil after each addition. When the jam is thick (after about 15-30 minutes),
remove from heat, then jar and seal. Makes approximately 8 cups.

Images: Mine

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