February 20, 2013

Style At Home

Today's post is about deliberately surrounding areas of your home with the things you love. Ready? I will show you! Last weekend I rearranged my bedroom; something I've been doing for years, and decided to curate my desk. My bedroom is large enough to have a work space (yes!) First, I like to keep a wire basket of essentials on top of my desk for things I use regularly:  scissors, camera cord, and tape. Are you not always looking for these things, too? I'm old school and still tear magazine pages for my inspiration files, which I also keep in my basket. Function and personalization calls for editing your things down to what you really want to see every day. Remember, you can always rotate seasonally or when the mood strikes. I went through old photos and selected a few that hold the most memories for me and keep them in the wire basket, as well. The black and white photo is from a day at North Bar Shore on Lake Michigan with my sister and a friend. The stairs, the rope, the towel draped over the railing...so many memories tied to that place. My niece Abbie helped her Mom draw her name on a card for me which I hold close. I jot down quotes that really speak to me and save those, too. I found a 1940 edition of Osa Johnson's book, I Married Adventure. Do you know her story? I can't wait to read it. A picture of myself on my desk? Cheesy? Maybe. I found the frame at a yard sale in my neighborhood. Do you have a photo that speaks to you like that? The little girl inside never leaves because I am still collecting feathers and rocks, branches and nests. I like to set things around that take me back to the forests I loved as a child. And lastly, a corner of my bedroom where I hang scarves, necklaces, shirts and purses on a hand made rack I found in Maine on a road trip. When I was a little girl my Grandma always gave us her "old" jewelry that she didn't wear anymore or found at yard sales. I saved it knowing one day I would give it to my little girl. For now, it hangs where I can see it every day. I found the jean shirt at a thrift store this week and plan to wear it out this summer :) As you can see, there are many, many things in this little space that hold meaning and remind me where I came from, yet it's edited and functional. If you want to do the same, I suggest paying attention to what you use on a daily basis and finding pretty ways to display those things. Then, start going through pictures and ephemera you hold dear and display those things as well. It's rather simple, and only takes an afternoon to collect the special things you want to have around you. I hope this inspires you to dig through an old box or display something you've been meaning to.

"You cannot know the good within yourself if you can not see it in others"
"I'll call the unloved & make them beloved"

Images: Mine

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