February 28, 2013

Lemon Squares

Buttery, cakey crust and sublime lemon filling sprinkled with powder sugar. I owe my love of baking to my mom. She invested a lot of time & love raising me and my sisters and brother. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her as she nurtured a love of baking from scratch and using what you have on hand. I know no other way. I hope you enjoy! 

Let yourself love what you love, and see if it doesn't lead you
back to what you ate when you loved it. ~ An Everlasting Meal 

Image: Mine

February 26, 2013

Styling Resources

Gathering resources & inspiration for you when it comes to styling you, your home,
your special occasion
, or your wedding.  Sharing all of this information in one post would be too much, so I'm going to break it up over the course of the next week or so. Tomorrow will be all about a fun part of styling any event....the food!
What are your go-to sources? Please share! 

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February 22, 2013

Happy Friday + Interiors

Happy Friday! Another interiors post! Besides being preoccupied with collecting and decorating my space, I'm even more curious of how other people live. As a child I steadily observed other people's homes. I noticed the little things...the pattern on the plate they set their coffee cup on and the teaspoon they used to stir their cream and sugar with, the feel of the wood floors underneath the knobby rug, a favorite bowl selected every morning to pour cereal...I'm still obsessed with observing how people live and how they make their space a home. I love seeing what they've collected, how they've displayed it, where they found their antique table, why they chose the chairs they did, what their rituals and routines are, what books they read, what they have for breakfast every day, what music is playing in the background while they're making dinner....because I am so passionate about it, I will be sharing how other people live and their homes on this blog. The first will be of my dear friend, Terry. She is an old soul, I love her so much, and I can't wait for you to meet her. Her home and life speak volumes to who she is and her many, many talents. If you haven't already, you might enjoy freundevonfreunden and Malin's home. It's one of my favorites.

I'll be sharing breakfast with you on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Image: here

February 21, 2013

Style Your Wedding

Earlier this week I mentioned sharing tips on how to style your own wedding. I'm going to start with the very first thing you should think about when it comes to your wedding, and it is, what do you want your day to look and feel like? The look you choose is going to translate feelings to you and your guests for the entire day and years ahead. Do you want it to feel chic and casual, formal and elegant, earthy and garden-like, a spring morning, or do you want it to feel vintage and romantic? I, personally, want my wedding day to be romantic, vintage and garden-like. Flowering vines, camillas, peonies, cherry and apple blossoms, flowering trees and branches everywhere. Very nostalgic Alice in Wonderland, right? Or, a wedding near the forest! Once the look and feel is determined, you will notice the colors starting to take shape. For example, in the wedding photoshoot above, I wanted the day to be rustic and elegant. Teal and fuschia do not help tell a rustic and elegant story, but soft and pale colors like green, light purple, and cream do! Mixed with lace, vintage wood, rustic elements, and an old Porsche, and the feeling takes you away! I also juxtaposed the rustic elements with elegant gold throughout. Did you notice? I am a proponent of juxtaposition. It's placing two abstract things near each other. I took an old barn wheel and made a chandelier with mason jars and twine (with the help of my friend, Jen!) Yes, very rustic, but I layered it with a delicate vine of morning glory's. It was my favorite element of the entire photoshoot. Next, make sure all of the details, such as invitations, menus, place settings, name tags, even the jewelry, and shoes help create the feeling. Styling a wedding is, essentially, making sure all the details add up to the look and feel you want your day to have.

 ~Look and feel ~Color palette ~Juxtaposition ~Details

I couldn't have styled this photoshoot without the help of so many. Please let them know how beautiful their work is!
Photography: Jen Dederich Photography / Photo Shoot Venue: San Daminao Friary in Madison, Wisconsin/ Styling, Concept, Event & Fashion Design: Amber Whitehouse / Wedding Cake: I Do Cakes by Betty/Desserts: Bloom Bakeshop/ Invitations + Paper Goods: Sugar Pear Design / Vintage Rentals: A La Crate Vintage / Wedding Gown: Vera's House of Bridals/ Tuxedo: Nedreboes Formal Wear/Flowers: The Flower Minstrel/Jewelry: Vera's House of Bridals/ Porshe: Kelly-Moss Motorsports/Makeup + Hair: Barbara Zanzig, BZ Artistry + Karynn Krakowiak/Models: Katie Gaynor and Lucas Cates

Images: Jen Dederich Photography

February 20, 2013

Style At Home

Today's post is about deliberately surrounding areas of your home with the things you love. Ready? I will show you! Last weekend I rearranged my bedroom; something I've been doing for years, and decided to curate my desk. My bedroom is large enough to have a work space (yes!) First, I like to keep a wire basket of essentials on top of my desk for things I use regularly:  scissors, camera cord, and tape. Are you not always looking for these things, too? I'm old school and still tear magazine pages for my inspiration files, which I also keep in my basket. Function and personalization calls for editing your things down to what you really want to see every day. Remember, you can always rotate seasonally or when the mood strikes. I went through old photos and selected a few that hold the most memories for me and keep them in the wire basket, as well. The black and white photo is from a day at North Bar Shore on Lake Michigan with my sister and a friend. The stairs, the rope, the towel draped over the railing...so many memories tied to that place. My niece Abbie helped her Mom draw her name on a card for me which I hold close. I jot down quotes that really speak to me and save those, too. I found a 1940 edition of Osa Johnson's book, I Married Adventure. Do you know her story? I can't wait to read it. A picture of myself on my desk? Cheesy? Maybe. I found the frame at a yard sale in my neighborhood. Do you have a photo that speaks to you like that? The little girl inside never leaves because I am still collecting feathers and rocks, branches and nests. I like to set things around that take me back to the forests I loved as a child. And lastly, a corner of my bedroom where I hang scarves, necklaces, shirts and purses on a hand made rack I found in Maine on a road trip. When I was a little girl my Grandma always gave us her "old" jewelry that she didn't wear anymore or found at yard sales. I saved it knowing one day I would give it to my little girl. For now, it hangs where I can see it every day. I found the jean shirt at a thrift store this week and plan to wear it out this summer :) As you can see, there are many, many things in this little space that hold meaning and remind me where I came from, yet it's edited and functional. If you want to do the same, I suggest paying attention to what you use on a daily basis and finding pretty ways to display those things. Then, start going through pictures and ephemera you hold dear and display those things as well. It's rather simple, and only takes an afternoon to collect the special things you want to have around you. I hope this inspires you to dig through an old box or display something you've been meaning to.

"You cannot know the good within yourself if you can not see it in others"
"I'll call the unloved & make them beloved"

Images: Mine

February 19, 2013

Rustic Elegance Wedding Photoshoot

Last September I styled a wedding photoshoot with my friend Jen. She's the amazing photographer behind Jen Dederich Photography. Yes, I planned a wedding, and it wasn't even mine! If I can sum it up in three words: details, details, details. I hope you LOVE it! If you'd like to view the entire shoot, you can find it in my portfolio and here. Later this week I will share what goes through a stylist's mind when styling a wedding and give you tips and resources for styling your own. Yay! I love helping people create beautiful surroundings! 


Ahh! Breakfast! It's one of the meals I enjoy the most. Saturday & Sunday mornings are for big breakfasts that keep me satisfied all day. I will be sharing  my favorite breakfast recipes, new recipes and some of the places I enjoy eating breakfast on this blog. P.S. I love traditonal bacon, eggs and toast with many cups of coffee. What's your go-to breakfast on the weekends?


February 18, 2013


Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend! I visited all of my favorite places looking for chairs, without any luck. It was so bitter cold on Sunday that I didn't leave my house except to get coffee. I re-arranged my bedroom adding an old chest I found on Craiglist and updated some of my Pinterest boards. I added My Style, which includes a little Boden. I anticipate their catalog for seasonal styles, but even more so for the classic and elegant interiors mixed with vintage and rustic elements. Interiors on every page that inspire My Style! I always like a little boho mixed in, too. Perfection every time. What's your style? I would love to style for Boden some day. Some day.

Image: here

February 15, 2013

Happy Friday + Interiors

Happy Friday! Hope you've had a great week with something to look
forward to this weekend. I love the energy weekends bring. Everyone's out and about in the streets with their coffee, getting brunch with friends, enjoying the outdoors, and if you're like me, thrift store and antique shopping!! It's a serious addiction of mine that I have to let you in on. There's something grounding and romantic about an old table or desk that has its own history and stories. My interiors style is a mix of old and new, dusty and shimmery.  Finding things of this nature and decorating my apartment is an obsession of mine. I spend hours reading interiors books, finding inspiration on Pinterest (I have boards to prove it!!), and reading every single interiors post I come across. At the moment, I have kitchen chairs on my radar. I have been doing this long enough to know that if I'm patient I always find what I'm looking for.

I'd love to follow you on Pinterest so send me a comment and also tell me what your interiors style is. Have a great weekend!

Images: Unknown (Sorry! I've been horrible with this, but making an effort to be better!)

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day ♥

Happy Valentine's Day! I want to take the time to write about two little girls who
changed my definition of love. Lola Page and Abbie Mae. Their tiny little forms coming into this world, stirring and continuing to stir the strongest emotions in myself; a love for another human being never felt before or since. And now....I know what family, protection, unconditional love, innocence, joy and gratefulness are. Their sweet hearts and empathy carried for others is something to behold. I love them with all my heart.

I Love you Lola and Abbie,
Auntie Amber

Images: Mine

February 13, 2013


Drinking my morning coffee with the radio on in the background
always makes for a good morning. Getting a little anxious about some things
that are out of my control, but remaining grateful for good people in my life and new 
opportunities.Image: unknown

February 12, 2013


I called my Mom to get her shortcake recipe because it's one of the best
and I have many memories inhaling strawberry shortcake growing up.
It's a family favorite! My mom makes everything from scratch and taught us to the do the same. Well, e
verything from scratch, but this one! My Mom's recipe for strawberry shortcakes are on the back of a Jiffy box!! I had no idea :) They're still pretty amazing.
Images: Mine

February 11, 2013


Hope you had a nice weekend! It was rainy here. Perfect for staying inside
and making jam.
I made raspberry, so I'll make marmalade this week.
Also, had 
a wonderful conversation with a good friend and slept in
every morning. 
I used Amy and David Butler's recipe for my jam,
although it didn't call for pectin, I added a box because I was afraid it
wasn't thickening enough.

8 cups raspberries, washed

8 cups sugar
2 TBS fresh lemon juice
2 TBS fresh orange juice

Crush berries and cook in their own juice on low heat for 30 minutes. 

Add 2 cups of sugar and bring to a boil. Gradually add the lemon and orange
juice alternating with the remaining sugar. Bring the syrup back up
to a boil after each addition. When the jam is thick (after about 15-30 minutes),
remove from heat, then jar and seal. Makes approximately 8 cups.

Images: Mine

February 07, 2013


A couple snapshots of this Winter day and my favorite candle that's been burning
since this morning. I finished my niece's Valentine's garlands this afternoon
using regular twine and wrapping paper scraps cut into hearts.
The fuchsia yarn would have been pretty, too. So grateful for winter days,
my nieces and their unconditional love and innocence. 

Images: Mine